22 free image gallery plugins for WordPress

If we talk about the free image in WordPress, you’re not going to complain about it in WordPress. Given the other platforms and various themes of a website that benefit from it for free, WordPress also has its merit. You can therefore associate to your WordPress theme, free images that reflect the value of your site, thanks to a photo gallery plugin of your choice. For example, if you have several articles or a page to fill with photos, or a gallery with more dynamic features (sharing, rollover effect, layout, responsive, reading speed, optimization, video or other). You can add them all, even modify some photos free of rights as you wish. The free WordPress image plugins are intended for WordPress users who lack ideas yet want to enrich their pages. Now that a long list of plugins is available, choose the photos to give a bit of style to your pages, combine them with each other according to your message. This photo gallery plugin takes the time to choose in the search engine, to upload and insert into your page and to adjust the size. Wouldn’t it be better to choose a fairly simple way to insert your image? Here is the list :

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