a SEO editor in conditioned food : the strategy to adopt !

You are active in the marketing of food or foods. You have a website but you are not satisfied with the visibility on the internet? You have a sales article already written and want to make it more effective in terms of e-business? If so, it is very likely that you need a referencing of your food site.

First of all, remember that there are a few different stages in a food journey before it is consumed. Starting with the cultivation, through the collection, then the distribution, and finally the consumption. Being active in the environment, you probably participate in one of these stages. In the era of online commercial exchange, each of them always needs publication optimization, especially SEO.

The online activities of a food site

Each online step is a partial activity occupied by a single manager. Obviously, each integration is not the same. However, the objective is the same, i.e. to preserve and offer consumers fresh and healthy food via the Internet. As long as each person in charge plays his or her own role online, the order sequence runs smoothly until delivery. The proper implementation of online operations requires a perfect mastery of the person in charge: the referrer. Whether it concerns the publication of the product sheet, the online ordering method, table reservation, payment and delivery, or netlinking.

Referencing for online customer satisfaction

Referencing is one of the last steps of the site owner before consumption. It participates in the satisfaction of the final consumer customer. It is therefore a specific mission not to be neglected in e-business. It consists in publishing quality information in several partnership sites or in Google. In practice, a SEO acts in a competitive context. He will put in the foreground in these sites the quality of the food, the service of preparation until the delivery. A SEO also ensures easy accessibility to the order, by directing the Internet user from a product page to the purchase page. To keep the reading thread, it would be good to add a sequence of coherent information and applications to the purchase validation page. This is often referred to as the design of the call-to-action button. It must also ensure that the information to be published everywhere is consistent with that which applies in the order tracking platform being accessible by the customer.

The missions of a referrer of a food site

SEO is undoubtedly one of the first necessities of a food site. An SEO referencing of this site plays its role to share the necessary information about the food product with the targets or customers. He organizes and carries out the publication of information. He is also in charge of the redirection of the internal and external links of the site. In addition, it negotiates with the owners of sites specializing in food to establish a publishing partnership. It thus ensures very diversified external links by way of hostelry sites, supermarkets, restaurants, parties, festivals, shows and even homes. It shows a good relationship in a partnership framework with other sites. This involves inserting guest articles in blogs and links in the directory or partner sites.


The surest method of referencing is to design and distribute relevant content on dedicated sites. You need to choose the right target and the right moment of diffusion. See more details on the principle of netlinking

Legal information on the published product

The quality of online communication is always necessary. Whether to share commercial, public or professional information. We will zoom in on the training and the presentation of the food service/product. To mention only the food product sheet, which must comply with the legal rule of sale and consumption.

A professional product sheet

The reference editor of a food site must take into account all the elements of information, guarantee and conformity related to the product. He educates consumers to consume the product better, by respecting certain predefined philosophy. In the publication, he justifies the health safety rules applied throughout the preparation of the product for packaging. It may as well indicate the precautions and measures taken to avoid microbes or the risk of coronavirus. For example, statements such as “If you order take-away food, you will have to reheat it to a high temperature to eliminate the risk before eating” or “You can also order fresh vegetables or meat that you will cook yourself”. Relative keywords can be found through Google. Such reassuring information, the owner of the site will allow. Thus, the product becomes the reference for online customers. The relative traffic of the site that results from this is advantageously significant for the search engine. A good reason for the search engine to put the site on its first page.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova