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The organic cosmetic argan oil for complete beauty care

To maintain the skin in a simple and effective way, organic cosmetic argan oil is the natural solution. Of Moroccan origin, this oil is first and foremost the first choice of Berber women for cosmetic care. If it holds an important place in their daily lives, it is simply because of the feminine affection she has been wearing for a long time. The benefits brought by this liquid are impressive and have currently served a very good worldwide reputation. As always, it revives all parts of the skin, hair, scars, while providing a euphoric sensation oriented to youth.

Very much in demand in the four corners of the planet, organic argan oil is currently becoming the heart of cosmetic care in the world. It has been used successfully like never before in recent times, and exported in large numbers from Morocco. Let’s recall a little history and how to use organic cosmetic argan oil. Follow the following advice by professionals in cosmetic care.

Why choose organic cosmetic argan oil on a daily basis?

Over time use of several cosmetic products here and there, Morocco has discovered the secret endowed in this oil. This country advocates its use. Its richness lies in the care and rejuvenation of several parts of the body. It is thus the natural nutritive and protective oil. First for the skin, it is applied with a few punctual operations, to protect against skin dehydration and to relieve wrinkles. In addition, its restorative role treats scarred skin, acne and several skin infections. Then, for the hair, it plays several roles. Attenuate split ends and prevent their breakage. It also enhances shine and revives hair dried out by the climate. Not to mention restoring surprisingly damaged nails. Human health is ensured by the regenerative effect of the fragile cells where the enduring components of this organic cosmetic argan oil work together.

The discovery of the argan fruit and its qualities

The land of the argan tree is in Morocco. This tree with thorny branches grows in the wild and rises about 10 meters. The foliage is a favorite food of goats and camels, they even climb the tree to retrieve it in quantity. The argan tree has its precious fruit called argan. Picking fruit to extract is a careful step to avoid the recovery of the bad ones. One must avoid argans that have been digested by animals or that have been decayed, or those that are infected with an unfavorable odor, such as those scattered on the ground. The fruits to be extracted are mainly picked from the branches. An argan nut has two or three kernels. These contain the oil and go through the extraction process. The purely natural oil is therefore used for cosmetics or food. Organic cosmetic argan oil has the appearance of a fine liquid, a lemon yellow color and less fragrant than argan oil nutritional. The natural authenticity of cosmetic argan oil from Morocco is justified by the result of analysis of the smell and liquid, performed by an expert once the product is put on sale.

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