Advantages of the unbeatable AMD Ryzen 3000 and 4000 processor in 2020

AMD’s Ryzen 3000 has reached the threshold of good sales. Relatively speaking, its recent successors are appearing with much higher consumption. Ryzen was launched in 2017 and is currently putting its third generation armed with performance at the forefront. This popular choice is due to the fact that its economy mode is ideally suited to a wide range of motherboards.

Engine power prevails at AMD,

If you are a digital consumer with natural instincts, you are attracted first and foremost to design. Although design says more, your good intentions don’t let you deny what’s inside. For computers, performance prevails. That’s what manufacturers like AMD generally emphasize. The latter nowadays puts at the heart of how machines work: hyper-dynamic processors. Because when you buy them, you won’t simply be seduced by the form. But you’ll have the highest processor performance with you. With the Ryzen 3000 series and especially the unbeatable 4000 edition in sight, your machine can achieve the best speed in the history of processors. And yet, the Ryzen series satisfies its users by allowing you a commendable budget.

The Zen 2 architecture of the Ryzen 5, 7, 9

Energy evolution has marked the history of Ryzen since its first generation in 2017. When we still had at the beginning a Ryzen 3 with 4 cores with a 14 nm chip. But the recent third generation Ryzen 5, 7, 9 has undergone a big change. This affects to the heaviest computer processing like 4K quality video. This new series is thus preferably intended for a machine using dedicated graphic memories. Relatively speaking, AMD also offers suitable graphics cards with this series.

The configuration of the third generation Ryzen series

The AMD industry has redesigned the structure and provides more performance in terms of task execution. The Rizen 7 performance can be clearly seen aligning with Intel’s Core-i 9-9990XE. The most remarkable change for this latest generation is the reduction of the chip to 7 nm. This being the optimization of the old 12 nm and 14 nm. The chip has thus become more and more powerful and economical. In addition, an important extension has been added to the number of cores. Basically, the 16 cores of Ryzen 9 has completely changed the image of the strength of its predecessors. Benefiting from automatic overclocking, Ryzen 9 allows itself to be the fastest at the moment. Its split cores ensure a large number of query jobs during computer processing. Each core can therefore process or share a job according to the profile of the query tasks.
On the cache side, the new CPU series allows you to save your important temporary data very quickly. This usually happens when a computer program is modified or changed following your manipulation. At that moment, the CPU acts by reusing or deleting these temporary cached data at high speed.
Please note: AMD offers a series of motherboards, graphics cards, as well as ventirad’s that work with its CPUs respectively.

A power saving permission

The implementation of the 7 nm reduced etching was able to generate a smooth and global operation of the processor. First of all, its presence allows a well-considered reduction in power consumption. Then, it also allows for the proper cooling. This systematically means the assurance of a multi-execution of the tasks processed by the cores. These cores therefore have more performance and ease to process jobs without recommending a high power resource. This applies especially to heavy graphics and video executions.

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