A SEO editor of a travel site : quality content prioritizing the rule against coronavirus

The referencing of a travel site is like organizing a good journey of the Internet users to its real destination. For several reasons, sometimes professional, family, couple or individual, travel enchants everyone. There are currently several travel sites that animate its online program. But what is essential to know, are these sites visible enough to sell their services or to make them discover to the Net surfers? To succeed in a good online accompaniment of these Internet users, it is necessary to find an editor referrer of a travel site or to refer his own. What is the responsibility of a reference editor?

The trip site contents

There are far too many travel sites. But the one that succeeds in imposing a commercial tact is more considered. Impressing travelers? This means that adventure information should be more animated and not dull, whether in text or images. Favour original photos and videos that have been well processed by a professional graphic designer. In addition, to ensure a selling content, it would be good to find a professional travel site editor. In the travel text, the keyword used must generate intense curiosity in order to guarantee travellers’ satisfaction. The contents of published articles are inspired by every moment lived at the travel location. The keyword is configured in this way by emphasizing the originality of the destination, whether in terms of physical or mental fitness. This can reveal the natural or artificial environment, the safety, the atmosphere, the activities, the adventures to be experienced in the place where you want to go. To make a successful SEO of a travel site, the articles published are therefore designed with charm and friendliness and concrete responsibility. Especially when it comes to informing Internet users about the safety program, hotel, pick-up, adventures, circuit, miscellaneous expenses (transportation, shopping, holidays, activities, etc.).

The health safety environment

I confirm that the security environment is the most important of all the criteria mentioned above. It is mandatory to find in the article, the establishment of a security system that respects international or national health discipline. Precisely in terms of health protection, the writer should highlight the measure to be taken beforehand for both the traveller and the hotel staff. Firstly against coronavirus, it is a question of “for example” confirming the method of wearing a mouth-cover, hygiene and air refreshment. Always for the well-being, cleanliness and protection of the food to be provided are closely monitored. For example, a menu should be intensively reheated before use. This implies the presence of the relative appliances in a guest’s room . Another method of dealing with the current outbreak is to cook for yourself. In the latter case, the hotel can, among other things, offer a shopping service for buying vegetables or fruit.  

All this must be included in the content of the site to achieve a natural referencing. In short, propose what makes people dream and make them decide to pack their bags.

The SEO structure of a travel site

See also the composition of the site structure, including the coding and adjustment of each page, obviously a referrer must master the numerical code. Please to the composition of its own keywords and its anchors in other pages of the site. These are all decisive elements for the positioning in Google. Other factors to take into account are the comments under publications. In the comments, the destination is mentioned. A SEO system that impacts directly in the destination image published by Google. To get more recognition from search engines, the good principle is to intensify the keywords in the long tail. Use all smart keywords that revolve around the title of the page. This allows a site to be immediately detectable by Google during a search of Internet users. All these conditions are taken into account in the SEO framework of a travel site. It is necessary to develop the existing and structural data of the site as and when it has its place in Google. For all this it would be good to entrust the work to an expert travel site referencing.

Photo by Enrique Hoyos