An original SEO text : the secret of natural referencing

There is more than one rule for successful natural SEO. In fact, we do not repeat for the umpteenth time that this success is based on the quality of the contents. Today, our interest is to know why one site succeeds in having a good place in the search engine and the other is not.

Of course, this original SEO post can complement your web writing training. It will also be necessary to learn the basics of SEO writing. Of course, there is a difference in structure somewhere between the texts posted online. In today’s world where search engines no longer classify your text among thousands without a native quality. We will therefore take a look at the structure of an original SEO text in terms of form and content. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Searched SEO text

Non-duplicated content confirms search engine recognition. Without denying the usefulness and clarity of the expressions. Based on “factual experiences” focused on the subject matter, short and relevant expressions are used. In other words, they are “concise”. You must tell your experiences word by word in your text, tracing an evolutionary adventure by suggesting a consistent guide for the Internet users. This attitude should be adopted for each narrative contextualizing events.

Capture with the title

For titles or subtitles, a short sentence is appropriate. Remember to catch the attention of the Internet users with a catchy title. The sentence in the title answers directly to the main question of the subject to be developed. You can inform yourself about the topicality of the subject and its usefulness in the environment of your target Internet users.

Enrich the subtitles and their paragraphs

Subtitles provide more information on aspects of the title that seem useful. Subtitles are arranged starting with the most important thing to know. Each subtitle is explained in detail in each paragraph, where simple, coherent and clear sentences are constructed. There is a set of sentences that explains in detail the essentials to be known at the bottom of the title (a process, a characteristic, a condition of use, an exceptional quality, etc.). And one generally brings there subtle and durable solutions . Remember that a reader should be satisfied when leaving your page. This is how he will not forget your page. You can also insert a link to support your ideas or to bring more resources to the Internet users. And this, thanks to the Netlinking method explained just below.

Find relevant keywords

Good integration of relevant keywords is a must for original SEO content. Moreover, the use of synonyms and semantic components is recently recommended by the search engine. In order for the search engine’s server to gather a diversity of words in the same theme. The collection of these words, whether from a free keyword generator or from Google keyword statistics, is significant in the text. A list of privileged keywords automatically generates a homogeneity of pages to form a collective link of the site. The latter will be well identified, oriented and well placed in the search engine.

The layout of the elements of the original SEO text

You may be surprised why there are very original and rich in ideas texts yet they fail in SEO. A significant feature of an SEO text is the layout of its contents. You may even agree that too long paragraphs can often tire you out.

So, even if it requires you to learn the basis of HTML coding, such as the classification of h1, h2, h3 for the web writing guide. The layout of your text is very important for the success of a quality post.

In the text, the following parts should be segmented :

  • Titer
  • Metadescription
  • Introduction
  • Intertitles
  • Paragraph of each subheading
  • Conclusion

At the same time, this set of structures forms an SEO marketing text. This text that will automatically become among the news of the search engine such as Google.

An original SEO text : a formula for a good SEO

It can be estimated that this formula rebounds the success of the site thanks to the traffic generated. But it is also thanks to the public appreciation of the substance of the story. In practice, several types of pages can benefit from this formula of a quality SEO post. That is to say, each of these pages must be treated in this way to succeed in their natural referencing. Namely the blog, the showcase site, e-commerce and various categories of web pages existing in the vast Internet.

Much more, a beautiful presentation of the web article of quality and original, encourages owners of other sites to create in their pages, links leading to the site. This can increase the success of Netlinking in terms of SEO. In practice, it is advisable to keep a thematic link when redirecting if you program an original guest post. And this is so as not to disappoint Internet users in what they really expect. Thus, the more you produce an original SEO text, the more traffic you naturally generate for the site.

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