Display on the first page of Google : the choice of keywords

Choosing the right keywords allows you to display your site on the first page of Google. Having this place in the search engine such as Google or Bing is not a coincidence. For this, adopt a “natural” and at the same time “strategic” choice of keywords to produce a quality web article. As a result, you will have a better chance of increasing your position. In the fierce competition of SEO 2020, all sites are forced to look for a better strategy to define their keywords. And this is with regard to Internet users and Google. Here is a smart way to get your articles to the first page of the search engine thanks to a good choice.

Read the perceptions of the Internet user to choose the keywords well

The natural recognition of the search engine comes after its appreciation of an original SEO text. Indeed, an SEO quality is expressed by relevant content that uses ideal keywords to listen to users. For the right choice of keywords, it is first of all necessary to read the search behaviors of Internet users or buyer persona.

To take into account that the words searched for and inserted by the latter in the search bar do not seem difficult to guess. In reality, they are simply instinctive words or phrases that come naturally to their mind. Except that it has a precise relationship with a context, a product or a service. Just work on empathy and psychology by combining some situations with “if I were in its place, I would say this or I would look for this.

In this case, the word can represent a public or particular name depending on known occurrences around the research subject, and especially an affected tendency in the target’s life. Moreover, it can also be formulated by the event trend of the subject itself (of a favourable or unfavourable aspect).

The keyword that succeeds in the web

However, it should be taken into account that the main keyword that succeeds at the moment, represents a combination of more than two interacting words. It is represented in different ways, for example it has a particular or positive reputation, a quality part of a domain. In form, a word is often written without paying too much attention to spelling. Of course, there are people who type a word on the keyboard depending on how they pronounce it.

In the sense, if you’re offering a service on construction, for example, it would be better to focus on the specific qualities of the service. Instead of using “the best builder” or “professional builder”, one could opt for “home and weather” or “durable cladding” or “time to build”. In fact, get ahead of the mundane expressions found via an online keyword analysis platform.

Use keyword analysis platforms

You can find keywords that are already widespread via platforms such as Google Adwords or Semrush or others. What is important to know when analyzing on these platforms is first the number of sites and articles that use the same keyword. In addition, you will also learn the number of monthly searches carried out by Internet users on a single keyword, which of course allows you to focus your commercial offers upstream. Finally, you also discover at least the mechanism of the keywords used by your competitors in relation to the offer they publish on their site.

You will certainly find there one or two common keywords used by several sites. Avoid positioning yourself “only” with these keywords. Why? Because everyone has already used the same keyword instinctively. So as not to make the mistake of immersing yourself in the crowd with a rare chance of being visible.

Once keywords are found with little competition via these platforms, you can adjust them to the target’s needs. Analysis platforms are very important strategy tools to trace your prospecting path. If you have a competitor who is positioned on the same keyword as you, take the time to discover the concrete relationship of this keyword with their product or the difference of your offers compared to those of third parties. In addition, you will also be sensible to add a third or fourth word in a keyword. For example the one that represents your native values around the product.

Remember that nothing prohibits you from using several keywords. Except that you should not repeat them several times in the text, in three or four maximum for a text of 1000 words, it’s already enough.

Choosing several keywords in the essay

In other words, all keywords generally focus on a global interest. However, they are segmented according to different perceptions of Internet users. Thus, all the decoded elements will be transformed into keywords that will participate in the meaning of each part of a text (title, metadescription, headings, paragraphs).

And a range of secondary keywords can also be discovered. For example, in addition to using two or three common and combined words in the text. Insert other words (for several sentences) numbering 5 or 6, which are not much used but which accurately reflect the real need of a target. So, the style of the long tail can be applied in writing to better structure the key words in the text.

Thus, the choice of keywords and the keyword structure bring significant value to an original SEO article. And this to naturally gain a place in the search engine.

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