Event marketing : advertising, graphic design and referencing

Here we will talk about the action plan of an online event marketing that can have contact with all social or professional circles. In general order, the relative marketing plan is therefore to be defined according to different contexts: celebrating a date or a fact, launching a product, celebrating or having fun or others. First of all, let’s remember that an event forces us to create a world, a memory that no one will be able to forget in their future life. This implies that the organizer is preparing to set the mood before, during and after the event.

Therefore, everything is prepared and must be properly arranged both on the realization on the ground and on the announcement of publication. Organising an event? That’s taking on a heavy responsibility of organization. A long preparation is mandatory to honor a reception for just a few days or even one or two. If you did it at home with your family, you may feel “more than committed”. Indeed, this is a job for a professional. For such a large event, we will therefore see how to attract more guests with a communication strategy for an event.

The phases of event communication

Communication operations are developed in three phases: before, during and after the event. Before is when people are informed of the foretaste of the type of meeting. An atmosphere and a self-assured image should be felt in the invitation content. Then comes the publication of the body of the event, i.e. the specific type of event, date and time. During the event, circumstances may possibly change the published content depending on the organisation. Finally, after the event meeting, the thanks, the report, the good memories of the event, the maintenance of the link, the announcement of leave or the future resumption, constitute the main element of publication. So, as an organiser, you allow yourself to be a good communications manager.

The meaning of the general contents of a publication of an organized event

In the majority of cases, the success of the event depends on the content published. Apart from the essential content centered on the said event, it would be necessary to play well with keywords or key images. This applies to both textual and graphical content. These key elements are even inspired by the symbolic image of the event. Among other things, they can reflect the experiences of the previous meeting. It can also represent an image that either reflects a particular style of the program or a beneficial feeling during the meeting. Such a representation can also take on the appearance of a virtue of art or a vibrant experience that fanatics and participants should not miss.

Graphic design in the marketing strategy of an event

Always respecting the content, the graphic design speaks for itself as much as the title of the event. An effective graphic design is conceived according to an affirmative and emotional style that respects the style of the event itself. To do this, you can impress the audience with a main message. Indeed, this is communicated by putting it in the foreground or by making its colour stand out in relation to the visual as a whole. You can also make it stand out at first glance by designing a sensual scene using a combination of illustrations. A distinction can also be made by putting the element at the top of the poster and enlarging it a little. The use of tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and other professional graphic design tools is recommended.

The marketing video of an event

In order to impress more effectively, video is a step not to be neglected. This practice has been adopted by specialists in professional communication since the genesis of computer graphics (graphic design on the computers). Through the effect of the animation of a video, Internet users are naturally captured by the triggering content. As you surely know, a video has been able to grab your attention in a natural way. The importance of your spiritual assignment during a video playback is therefore none other than the value conceived by the video’s creator. The integration of an emotional and sentimental sign has always been a primary step for the latter. All the elements play their respective roles at a precise moment, and this in different ways depending on the context: sound, the still image in the video, the video itself, the graphic illustrations, the videos in photorealism, the texts. Usually, several elements active at the same time work together and succeed in fixing the attention during the reading. This is when marketing plays its role and succeeds in getting into the spirit of the video, in other words of the event. All the more so, to trumpet respectably with sound and image is also a value of attraction. All of this is in order to incite the target readers to come and experience the atmosphere. During your marketing video project, the use of professional graphic and video editing tools is recommended to make a beautiful marketing video. Moreover, to achieve a better image and video editing, it is better to turn to a professional who ensures a quality work.

Webmarketing and referencing of an event

To broadcast event content on the web, the creation of a sub-domain or a domain name is a very interesting option. As it is a unique event, the online image management of the event should be independent.

Moreover, even if the appointment is limited for a short period of time, publishing it several times is a good practice. Therefore, it is considerable to choose the right channels, as this also contributes to the success of the communication. In principle, web publishing should be extended by broadcasting invited articles, putting a sharing link, broadcasting on social network pages where comments and public notices can be received. All these broadcasts are to be programmed whether before, during or after the event, in both the professional and social network. Organize calendars of a strategic broadcast, i.e. choose the right time for visits by Internet users. On the netlinking side, make available referring sites where to insert video or image links. And finally, also share newsletters that talk about the activity in which we find an image animation in gif or svg, and links to the site.

The webmarketing activity is particularly fruitful for the rest of the author site. Because as long as an image or online reference has been created, it can always be used for related and derived services. This opportunity can be permanently seized and will serve in some way to another event channel of the same level. We have seen that the realisation and referencing of event content is a rather difficult challenge for the organiser. But by entrusting it to an experienced professional, in a more than collaborative framework, it will only be possible to achieve the objective.

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