GROUPAMA’s remote surveillance offers in France

Groupama is a mutual insurance company active in the social and agricultural sectors. It represents a community of mutual aid through its 11 regional mutuals and 3,000 local mutuals in France. Groupama Activeille has been its insurance department for 20 years and has NFA2P, APSAD R81 and P3 certifications.

Groupama’s remote surveillance contract ?

Groupama’s remote surveillance contract consists of the protection of real estate assets such as houses and apartments. The insured is therefore protected during the subscription period. Available both in town and in the countryside, Groupama’s Activeille remote surveillance generally operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The implementation of remote surveillance is based on the clauses of the contract.
Groupama offers two types of remote surveillance contracts to protect against the risks of fire and burglary.

Groupama Box Habitat

You will be able to manage the general remote surveillance system in your home and its surroundings. It is essential to have a smartphone on at all times to benefit from this offer. It is also possible to monitor the house via your PC or tablet. Still, the smartphone is the most convenient, because you can manage the remote monitoring from any location. For example, you can switch alarms and cameras on or off from your work desk. Or even measure the temperature of certain spaces from a public place. Or, be on the lookout for the slightest perception of a device at home from your car in traffic. Apparently, you also benefit from having the devices installed with instructions for use, or even supervision by a technician.

Groupama Activeille

The remote surveillance centre installed in France permanently monitors your residence. A professional remotely follows the events perceived by the devices. Eventually, if a fire occurs, the controller can immediately call a security agent or the police. Moreover, you are aware of the events in your home. All sensitive risks are taken into account: breaking and entering, intrusion, domestic accidents (flooding, smoke, etc.). The installation is a very important step and is done in a confidential and strategic framework. A technician with APSAD and NFA2P certification takes care of the study and general installation.

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