HOMIRIS remote surveillance offer in France

The Homiris Alarm and Monitoring Service Centre began practicing real estate security 30 years ago. It implements its strategies with the virtues of innovation, quality, sense of service, and customer satisfaction. Homiris implemented a remote surveillance program for a residential area in France.

What is the Homiris remote surveillance contract?

General description

The Homiris remote surveillance contract ensures the protection of the home and its surroundings. The remote surveillance service is offered there. There are several segments of the service, established in the French territory. Remote surveillance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Professional agents and organizers are active and reactive in the field to permanently establish serenity. Their preserved service is armed with devices ingeniously certified in terms of residential monitoring. The insured will therefore have to entrust these professionals with the general security of each of his houses and apartments.

The basic characteristics

As a subscriber, you do not purchase the equipment for the entire duration of the contract. Technical advisers undertake to install and check, or even maintain each piece of equipment installed. The synergy of the siren, the control call, and the security agent represents the growth of the service. In the event of intrusion detection, the siren is triggered in power. Then photos are taken from the outset to be programmed if necessary. A call is made to you and the on-call team within 30 seconds of an event. These guards act with a very fast intervention and you are aware of all events. The Homiris remote surveillance contract can add the option of alerting the police, depending on the chosen formula.
The two main formulas are intended for both private individuals and professionals:

  • The Comfort formula : you are informed when an alarm occurs.
  • The Serenity formula : a security agent remains permanently in your premises. This can also be arranged for weekends or holidays, certain trips.

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