How to create a professional marketing newsletter

It is important to know that in the age of containment, email is consulted by 75% of the connected population every day. Because it is simply the most intimate online box where people feel they have more authority. This message box also provides considerable freedom of expression, rights, and exchange in terms of online communication. Indeed, mailing allows a long private story to be told and sent to a single recipient, using his or her own email address. This is how it becomes an efficient platform for the professional world for e-marketing and prospecting and news information: the newsletter. The latter is undoubtedly a great business lever for influencers today. Let’s see how to create a newsletter campaign in professional marketing.

Manage the reflection time and adapt the offer to propose

For an influencer, sending frequent newsletters is a must. This leads subscribers to take a few trips around the world of an activity or offer. In order to offer them different offers or guide them to a choice in the end. Although the successive titles circulated during a campaign reflect the evolution of the activities related to your offer proposed in the newsletter. I invite you, “before carrying out a campaign”, to analyse the main choice you offer to your subscribers. A few points to think about should be seriously taken into account. What is the purpose of an offer? Who is it for? By what means, easy or difficult for subscribers? For what period of time? For what durability of solution? An offer at what level of popularity and popular trust? And how do you present it, do you use your own image to publicize your offer or do you exploit that of other reputable partnerships that should collaborate with you? Then how do you measure your presentations against those of your competitors? Would you subscribe to their offer, for example, to understand their strategies? In this way, you identify the “positive” responses that result. Take all these criteria into account when developing your offer content to ensure a choice result. Adopting a pyramid system means answering the most important question at the first contact in the form of a concrete solution offered. This ensures the follow-up reading for the next newsletter distribution. This way, in case the reader compares similar offers, he can find your content in a different way.

A good newsletter title

In the majority of cases, thousands of emails are received in the inbox. The intention to open an email is triggered by a title. For an email to be read, the title should ensure a positive impression of the recipient. I invite you to always think about this title when sending articles, these recipient people receive at the same time a ton of promotional messages, lies, unfounded advertisements and even articles that are artificially too real to be beautiful. But making a difference from the title already ensures that an email is read. Don’t make up nice words to please, just put a positive note on your field and your business. Then design an honest title that should reflect the essence of the content developed. A headline designed to provide rich information that responds adequately to the reader’s curiosity.

The welcome sentences of a newsletter

If you change the subject throughout your newsletter campaign, always mention a title and a transitional paragraph. To do so, always prove your natural motivation to improve your general service being told in the email. Show a good attitude to act as a responsible, honest and listening person. If necessary, add closed or more open-ended questions and answers. Do not rush into communication in a crude way, as if you were putting forward the technical description of your sales offer. Because by thinking above all about the relationship you want to keep for your subscribers, emphasize the value of humanity, respect, friendship, emotion in your first messages. And prove that you are thus advancing the nature of your offers and your ability to offer them in relation to the expectations or state of mind of your recipient. All this should be structured and presented in stages in the content of your newsletter.

Some good tips for a professional newsletter

1-Search for email addresses whose owners may be interested in your offers. To trace their needs, start from ideas following the activities published on their online sites.

2-It would be good to know how to put forward a convincing explanation of the activity to propose. For example, put a proof of success not only with photos taken here and there but also with testimonials from people who reveal their “confident” identity: video, via their personal site or professional account, video call, etc.

3-Report or explain all the steps that subscribers must follow to become a beneficiary of your main offer. Always make it easier for them to find links, information or actions to buy or contact you by phone, email, etc.

4-Add very fashionable news in your newsletter, then put a logical relationship with your offers.

5-Put your a link from the Facebook page and Youtube, Linkendin, Instagram or Twitter. Mention a simple guide that affirms the possibility of sharing the publications of your personal pages.

6-See a distribution calendar. Delimit the duration of the campaign and the frequency of distribution of each newsletter. After two or three broadcasts, if necessary, plan to contact the reader by phone. This way, you will be able to maintain the relationship, understand the reader, and conclude a sale. In this way, subscribers can keep with you the rhythm of communication and the motivation to follow your advice. You can also give the reader time to reflect and prepare his actions. You will even call them back if necessary.

7-Mention somewhere that you are legally registered and respect the collective, formal or institutional rules related to your activities.

The choice of platform and newsletter design
Use a specialized platform that can send a mass of emails, minimum to more than 1000 addresses per month. The choice of the platform should be based on the security of the messages, the ease of layout (insertion of text, html codes, images, video links, buttons, responsive pages), also on the quality of the design. Note however that it is important to have all your elements to be published in your page before giving a shape to the aesthetics. That is to say, before resizing and adding background colors or decorations to each element. For this work, you can also use a mailmarketing platform such as mailchimp.

Collaborate with other sites that publish newsletters

In the newsletter activity, you can also help each other with other people’s sites. This means that you publish their offers and they would do the opposite! Have you noticed interesting news, promotional products and services on their sites? Analyze them and link-sharing strategy via the newsletter. In the page, you can simply make a title or a banner associated with a link that leads to the details of such an offer. You enlarge the size of the title or banner only according to its importance in relation to the main article. In case it has nothing to do with your main offer, you can also put at the bottom of the page small “text” grouped links, above which is mentioned a title such as: “Other pages or sites that could interest you”. The bonus? You can put some ads from your own and other people’s activity networks in the page, but with moderate publications of course. Give priority to quality over quantity. This sharing operation also means supporting other people’s pages and asking them to do the same for yours. In this way, you demonstrate the credibility of their offers in your newsletter page and vice versa.

This is generally the method that could improve the way you contact prospects, and increase the activity and popularity of your site. In short, the most important thing is to propose in your page offers that respect the professional common sense related to your domain. It is also important to foresee the evolution of your activity in relation to the contents of successive emails sent.

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