How to do MLM or Multi-Level Marketing: the complete guide for dummies

Now that things return to normal, staying at home those last few days reminds us the comfort we had. How would you react if I told you that we can have better ? The comfort of our home and a remunerative job. No, that’s not a joke ! This is promised by the MLM. Nowadays, this 50’s system is still on fleek, in social and professional world.  MLM provides us many things : more time for ourselves, our family, and more money. In one word : independency !

But, let’s be honest, who would jump in with both feet blindly, without knowing the pros and cons ? Nobody. So, let’s take our time and get to know the Multi-Level Marketing better.

The MLM and the network marketing

The Multi-level marketing is about teaching and sponsoring buyers who will sell the same product. It starts with an initial investment in order to have the first stock of goods to sell. The godfather sells to his godson. Then, he receives profits from every sales made by his godsons. After that, the godson becomes the godfather of his consumers and this happens again and again. For every vendor, the key of success Is having new clients who will sell the goods as well.

As its noun says, the network marketing is an attraction system applied through a great chain of MLM. If a godfather wants to be successful, he will train his buyers (godsons), to know how to sell goods well, from their relationship. In brief, it’s about providing affordable price of high-quality products from a powerful company, not too hard to advertise, that will bring us to a secure revenue. Then, the buyers will become their own marketing chief, with their own network, following the same routine.

Whether in MLM or Relationship Marketing, recruiting and registering new prospects is the main key to expanding your network. In order to do so, all means of contact are allowed, so we introduce for you the agile behaviour of an MLM salesperson:

The powerful networks MLM ?

At the head of the top 100 rich MLM company, Amway (American Way) earns 8,800 billions of dollars. This corporation, founded on 1959, is the international leader of beauty and cosmetics products. Amway is, officially, a legal and legitimate business model company.

Apart from Amway, we can see other MLM firms like Avon, an american cosmetics and perfumes company, that earned 4,76 billions of dollars last year. It Works, a seller of body beauty products, for skin care, and slimming products, is also one of the most serious MLM company.  Herbalife, another MLM firm that produces and sells nutritional supplements, has an annual revenue of 4,877 billions of dollars.

How to excel in a MLM company ?

Whether in MLM or Relationship Marketing, recruiting and registering new prospects is the main key to expanding your network. In order to do so, all means of contact are allowed, so we introduce for you the agile behaviour of an MLM salesperson:

  • Having an excellent product ready to be consumed
  • Know how to talk to keep other people in touch of the goods you sell
  • Suggest several bonuses and remuneration to invite people to start with safely.
  • Know how to explain why MLM exists
  • Be disciplined, because in network marketing, everyone is their own boss.
  • Have a team and managerial spirit
  • Monitor your network of godfather and godson
  • Be open-minded and sociable
  • Be motivated and dynamic

Nowadays, social networks are also excellent weapons to exploit in order to generate many seller networks.

What are the advantages in a MLM business ?

First of all, thanks to the MLM business, we get to have more relationships. In fact, if you are dynamic, you can have more friends. Moreover, the activity is accessible, eventually because of the affordable price of products. Obviously, everybody can participate. Furthermore, MLM system can complete the revenue we have. If the MLM is your first activity, you will have a flexible schedule for life. It means freedom, because you can work from everywhere, at home or outside, up to your choice.

What are the risks involved in a MLM business ?

However, this pyramidal system can make people hesitate, because some are forbidden according to the law. Apart from that, the fact of having only one product linked to many customers and commissions, the last godson of network may not be able to sell it. He or she won’t have any client. So, it is well-requested : to have the tactic of a seller, to be sociable, to sponsor new godsons and, to have a nice marketing activity. Why ? Because if you stay inactive, even if just for a few days, everything can fall down, no money earned. Also, be careful with all other fake propositions who have the same system. If you want to know if it’s fake or not, be sure to verify how well it is known. Because sometimes, it’s not always the most attracting one that have the real product.

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