Nexecur remote surveillance by Crédit Agricole in France

Crédit Agricole is a group of banks active in several financial activities. The group set up its first office in 1979. It currently has around 1,120 branches worldwide. Among its well-known activities is insurance. Discover in this article the Nexecur remote surveillance contract for individuals or companies.

Nexecur’s remote surveillance offer from Crédit Agricole

This remote surveillance is a service to protect your home against burglaries and forms of intrusion. This protection consists of monitoring the entire environment of the house. Some technical and professional services in residential security are provided 24 hours a day. This Nexecur remote surveillance offer from Crédit Agricole is a basic package that includes :

  • An installation and operation of the technological tools.
  • Security monitoring and management via a mobile application.
  • A maintenance of the devices during the life of the remote surveillance contract.
  • A pack of equipment: an alarm center, a micro loudspeaker siren, a keypad badge reader, a color video motion detector, a flood sensor, an opening detector, four badges.

During an intrusion, an audible alarm is triggered. In addition, video recording can provide several pieces of information in real or delayed time. Reactive team members communicate with each other quickly to detect the irregularity. Finally, a call from an intervention group is made quickly when a serious danger is in sight.

A mobile application that gives you permanent access to all operational services in your home. You can also view a video (not shared with the service) of a specified area in real time. Moreover, as the owner, you can manage the alarm system at each location as you wish. You also receive notifications for each event, switching on the same application. Other options are available if you are thinking of enriching the services included in your monitoring contract.

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