Strategy and management of content marketing and digital marketing

In order to rapidly develop the business in the field of digital marketing, we segment the most involved digital strategies. Each of them has an independent department. The involvement of each digital strategy, directly or indirectly related to your site, is inevitable throughout the implementation of digital operations.

Message strategy

The image created by the communication is based on several principles and objectives. Each objective corresponds to a method, the result of which is reflected through texts and images, multimedia content and the offline or online broadcasting environment : siteweb, newsletters, tchat an call. A suggestive, clear, and pleasant to read presentation, whether in text or graphics, is a requirement. In terms of content, general knowledge and understanding of the target audience are essential. From a broader vision, there are elements of inspiration to be taken into account in the design of the message such as demographic changes, the current context, immersion in globalization, the diversity of cultures, the technological revolution. Communication is an educational world tracing our history, the purpose of which should be foreseen in the years to come. We can design a suitable message for your digital strategy. We go further in the content marketing bringing together several necessary technical aspects. For example finding the relevant keywords from a list of keywords from Google’s statistics. Exploit from a free keyword generator.  Or even create your own keywords based on the quality of your service and the instincts of your target audience.  

Competition strategy

Competition is not limited to the use of the product or its image in the environment where the product itself is marketed and consumed. But on the other hand, the vast digital world remains a competitive field to be built, in order to better impose its online service. In other words, the majority of today’s population is informed about the product to be sold via the Internet. Thus they can decide to sell. Strategic operations are necessary in the digital world to attract more and more customers. Operations that allow to have the best position in the search engine, the best user experience of the site, the best reputation in the internet, the best communication of promotions, the best digital contact with customers. Each strategy involved should be crowned with the “best”. The success of a digital strategy for each level is ensured only by a webmarketing expert. nbsp;

Netlinking strategy

This digital strategy consists of inserting articles with links to its site, in other sites by means of a mutual partnership, a paid service or a free offer. If these guest articles are published in another highly reputable site, more traffic can be generated. Because the visitor to the other site is able to click on a link redirected to his own site. The selection of sites receiving these links requires a particular strategy based on an online event calendar. It is also based on the profile of the receiving sites themselves: their legitimacy, their audience, their level of customer access, their e-reputation, their centre of interest linked to the product for sale. In addition, the Google Adwords campaign completes the SEO operation to ensure a better result in terms of site visits. So many strategies to implement before contacting third party sites where one implements his link, and this to avoid a possible loss.  

Application strategy

In recent years, the development of applications has brought increased benefits in communication, and may bring more surprises in one or two. All the more so with combined fields of technology, it will make life easier again and again. But exploiting this development would only be beneficial by acting intelligently.   The application is the pillar of the digital strategy in general. In particular for the web being the crossroads of all domains, its integration is naturally requested. It plays its role in bringing together assets such as the company, customers, prospects, various institutes and individuals. Among software and applications that compete with each other, we demand the choice of the one that offers the best result. However, we would like to point out that our implementation procedure does not necessarily make sense to use these applications. For it is quite possible and obvious that we proceed our services using another, much more efficient strategy. In most of the webmarketing activities we are responsible for, we choose the best tools for the following operations: – The structure of the site: we use modern CMS, especially WordPress. – The addition of intelligent functions of the site: we use the most modern and efficient plugins and programming of CMS. – Mailing campaign: we choose the free or paid version. – The campaign of referencing in Google: we use Google Adwords or other paid version. – The SEO campaign on social and professional networks: we use Facebook Ads, Linkedin or other paid version. – Advertising design: we use Photoshop and Illustrator software and other paid version. – Audience analysis: we use Google Analytics, Semrush or other paid version. We inform you that paid applications are defined according to the digital strategy adopted and the precise objective assigned to your communication project. If necessary, the choice of the application can be made by yourself.