Small X100V video camera for professional by Fujifilm

The fifth generation X100 has just been unveiled by FUJIFILM. X100V becomes the most powerful of this series. It’s a small, compact, high quality camera that appeals to professional photographers as well as the whole family. It features a new 23mmF2 lens, an optimized hybrid, and weatherproof security thanks to its strong outer cover. An active X-processor 4 (with 4 cores), which asserts its professional use. Easy to use too, because it is not only very mobile but also discreet. Its sensor projects on a landscape with a power of 26.1 megapixel producing high quality photos. Find all the advantages or integrated options of this camera by these great points :

  • Two priorities : unparalleled design and perfect images
  • A new goal to take advantage of every situation
  • To see the world differently
  • Much more than a camera
  • Optional accessories | Read the complete source in 20 minutes : The One and Only, X100V

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