Start in Google SEO : the free guide for dummies

Getting started in SEO requires first knowing the initial context. Gaining the first place in Google is not an easy task, nor does it mean pocketing a title for eternity. Let’s imagine in a video game where you become the last survivor on the planet. There, you’ve passed all the steps, and you’re still the champion.Whereas SEO is a competition like the football world championship, which takes place frequently. The winning title is conferred instantly to the one who masters the current context. The champion changes his name at each match session. The winning title is conferred instantly to the one who masters the current context. The champion changes his or her name at each match session. It’s the same function in Google referencing, as soon as a competitor can wrap up the first page.Sometimes the game of networks and keywords is a conspiracy of several sites to hold the title, only two or three months, let’s hope even more. But above all, you should know the crucial points that can change your position in a very short time.

The essentials to understand to get started in search engine optimization SEO

  • Lighten the weight of javascript, CSS and images on each page using Minify or plugin
  • Install the site address from the search engine : sitemap.xml
  • Adapt with Responsive Design, secure the website based on its coding
  • Examine the modern language of search engines: Google, Bing, etc.
  • Diffusion management (social and professional network).
  • The study of the success of the sites of a high authority, using the right formula.
  • Online event marketing (promotion, a landing page, a cheaper subscription, a gift, etc.) and its principle of diffusion
  • Digital tracking of competitors.
  • The evolution of physical and virtual devices: computer, mobile, tablet, SEO software and multimedia design software.
  • Exploiting audience tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, etc.
  Getting started in SEO involves knowing all these points that interact together. Each point cited represents its own treatment which is carried out behind the scenes of a website and regularly requires a partnership. Several stakeholders are indirectly or directly involved in its success. You may go further by typing these keywords in Google and discover more rewarding content via specialized sites. Thus, it will be easy for your research to detect each of their leverage in order to gain points in SEO. However, we should know that there are very frequent updates especially at the level of computer language applied in Google SEO and in plugins of your site. I wish you a good journey and thank you for your reading!

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