SEO copywriting : the best tips in editorial marketing thanks to the Straconte 1000

A strategy of writing for the target is the main lever that ensures the conviction of Internet users. A writing requires essential steps as editorial marketing in order to respect the targets as well as the Internet users. We will develop for you the Straconte 1000 formula.  

A text that illustrates the value of the product

A product or service brand can only be a symbol of the experience of targets, prospects or customers. It must be of positive value, i.e. a symbol of success and a source of favourable emotions. It provides a great adventure for its consumers, who naturally become its inherent companions. They will form a couple that lasts. This is quite possible, but it will be more considerable if we tell this story in a text. Because the text can change the world, create an atmosphere and program the manifestation of emotions. In this way, it triggers a story. It can undoubtedly improve the image of the product by expressing all the good experiences consumers have with it. Writing must go through the steps to produce an eye-catching text. A catchy text? is a sales text: calls, invites to listen, animates and serves to build loyalty among the target.

In our research, we take into account the way in which the sales targets perceive the message on their side. Each stage of their reading plays a significant role, right from the title. Clearly, a large part of our editorial strategy revolves around the final perception of the content by target readers. Thus, we provide messages that are well laid out, subtle and relevant. These messages that progressively orient readers’ behaviour towards the use of the product or the acceptance of the service being offered.

Reading deep down into Internet targets

In the communication framework, it is important to know that the quality of the content is the only guarantee of the success of each piece of information. The search for this quality and its exploitation, corresponds to the observation of the behaviours of Internet users.   It is from this research that we adopt an adequate rule inspired by a relational experience with the target. In this case, the issuer must hasten and commit to interact with each profile of the target to detect all its sensitive points and not just offer suggestive information. This obliges us to bring to the forefront the consideration of targets from several angles. What problems they are experiencing and what solution to bring ? . The “I” of the target is put in the first place, therefore “what I am looking for …” or “what I feel now or tomorrow”, “the advantages I enjoy whatever their nature”. Naturally, the presence of the target’s behaviours prevails in the writing.  

Use empathy

Indeed, the transmitter has its centre of reflection by playing on empathy and understanding of this target. The transmitter senses what the target is experiencing. It reads its emotions, understands what generally pleases the latter, what revives its environment, what gives it the pleasure of reading, what makes it stand out from other Internet users. Entering her world is a consideration that the target directly perceives as a sign of respect. Finally, the sender uses them as a channel to pass on information about the product or service.  

Big points on the product

The centre of the editorial marketing operation is based not only on the study of the target but also on that of the product. The characteristics of the product being considered by the target, these must be analysed and perceived through the text. What can the product really offer? What are its raw materials? What are the strong points of its use or consumption? And how to use it? Under what conditions? For what purpose ? In answer, the reflection during the writing process must pass on all relative aspects to produce an experimental text.   A real analysis that is not just based on the being of the product, but above all on the environments where it will be active. A text must therefore represent a complete solution that takes into account all the steps of the product: before its production, during its production, its distribution, and especially during its use. And to give a beautiful image to the product, it is necessary to have experimental and clear information, which denotes a safety, a comfort, a guarantee, an advantage. To respond to this, we must be inspired by the logics, realities and education around a brand to be proposed. Of course, the target is looking to find out whether the issuer or the seller completely masters the subject. In-depth research is therefore essential before developing a marketing text.  It is necessary to analyse all aspects present in order to provide reassuring and educational information for all.   However, remain neutral and informative without leaning too much on a subjective point, so your sense of the text is much more open and considerable.  

Let the target travel

A work that goes beyond an educational formula, generates exciting reading and emotions where the target feels completely wrapped up. The text somehow leads them to dream about where to find comfort and happiness. That she is meant to be inspired by it, such a narrative that makes her considerably stronger somewhere in her nature. She therefore lives there better experiences. By going this way in her research and structure, a transmitter will bear all its fruits of research that will be well appreciated by the target readers.   This design formula in editorial marketing provides the Internet user with a justification of his or her commitment when reading. Starting from his logic, his way of life, the Internet user understands why he is served the essential of what he really expects. Thus, he considers the text by assigning to it its deserving value.  

Secondary reader targets

In addition to primary targets, secondary targets must also be taken into account. These are probably readers who are able to cross-reference the information transmitted. One can also attract their first attention with a positive and captive sign in the message. As this gradually creates a trusting contact and ultimately turns them into primary targets.  

Editorial marketing offer: Straconte 1000

Based on these ideas, here are the general characteristics of a “Straconte 1000” article:
  • Adherence to the target’s psychological state and experiences.
  • The search for factual information and lived experiences according to a chosen context or field.
  • The exploitation of points of interest in the field.
  • A beneficial and subtle guide answering a main question.
  • dentifying the target’s real problems.
  • Perfect mastery of the subject according to rapid and intelligent analysis via similar sites
  • The provision of relevant and comprehensive solutions.
  • The highlighting of all the strong points of a service or product.
  • The guide for better access to the service or product
  • The enhancement of experimental, educational, confident, suggestive and factual information.
In addition, the following criteria are met :
  • General quality
  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Rich syntaxes
  • Rich and sophisticated ideas
  • More than 1,000 words
  • Deadline met
  • Correction accepted
  • Collaboration for the long term
  • We also provide a complete set of rules to succeed in SEO writing and SEO optimization of your web articles.