Succeed in a quality netlinking : the secret of SEO referencing

Succeeding in your first netlinking is a first SEO baptism for sites that have just been built. This participation is very significant with respect to major search engines such as Google or Bing. This operation consists in creating links called “backlinks” in external sites. Then, these links point to one’s own site. In fact, there are several ways to redirect a link to your site. Of course, there are those recommended by Google to gain a better ranking, here is how to make a successful Netlinking.

Linkbaiting: a publication by others

It is one of the most considered methods at the moment. Because it is a matter of naturally redirecting a link to your site without resorting to a web development scheme. It is based on the quality of the published web content of his site. As much the Internet users and Google can appreciate the contents of the site. Then use it to share them or put the link to the site somewhere. Such a method to succeed free Netlinking.

Guest articles: a publication by yourself

In order to quickly increase your audience, netlinking optimization is necessary. This time, the owner must take responsibility for publishing his content on other people’s sites. In this case, the netlinking operation consists of inserting a guest article. To do this, the site owner first writes the article for the interest of his own blog A and then publishes it in another blog B. This implies that the topic on the page of blog B must be logically related to blog A. It is on this occasion that the link in the inserted article of blog B points to blog A.

Keywords in Netlinking

For an SEO optimization of your article, it would be better to make a list of keywords, for example by using Google keyword statistics to find the relevant keywords. You can also use data from a free online keyword generator. Once you have found a keyword, you simply embed it in the word that represents your anchor or link. The latter will direct the Internet user to your site. The more you use the right trend keyword, the more interaction you will have with the search engine. And the job is done.

With so many guest articles in several sites, a site can benefit from a good number of visits thanks to this redirection system. Successful Netlinking is in the majority of cases following this method more strategic.

Readability of the site by the search engine

However, in order for the site to be tracked by the search engine, following the example of Google, you must first go to the step of configuring the site itself. To do this, activate the right to track your site. Go to the html coding of your own site or the very page where you must insert the link from site A to site B. Locate the attribute “dofollow” instead of “nofollow”. In WordPress, it is easy to configure whether you want to be tracked or not because it is recommended to use SEO plugins. In the article page where the SEO option is displayed, put “yes” the option “Allow search engines to show this Post in search results? “. For example for Yoast SEO, this can be found at the bottom of the article.

And to go further in the selection of links and sites made by Google, simply install Google Search Console site and Google Analytics. The latter provides precise information on the type and daily number of clicks from other sites.

Netlinking optimization

Careful, one last very important thing! Make sure that your links are published in sites with considerable authority. You can consult this level by logically comparing the results from several online tools. Because these sites reflect more confidence in the search engine. It would be better to publish a guest article there, even if there are fewer of them. Successful netlinking is opting for an optimal method! A good article published in a quality site is more effective than several articles in sites that are not honestly credible. With the following units of measurement, the more the number is important, the more the site is of quality: Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domaine Aithority, Page Autorithy, number of visits per day and month. However, the number can be very high simply because the site has years of existence and improvement behind it.

By the way, the small value of these units is often due to the defect of the site, such as its structure, its unpopularity, its bad coding, or its inappropriate contents. Too bad that often it is a site abandoned by its owner. In any case, it would be good to analyze partnership sites. Find out about thematic blogs, sites, netlinking agcency, forums, and especially use online analysis tools focused on SEO. Choose the one that deserves to be published.

In order to enhance your precious moment of web writing, choose where will be the ideal place to publish your written articles.

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