The 6 videoconferencing applications of containment

In an era when containment is becoming a world order. Where somehow it even appears to be a legal service. Currently, this rule is beginning to dominate society. As much as the increasing practice of confinement is effective in the four corners of the planet. As a result, this generates an impressive scenario in the use of videoconferencing applications.

Over the last two months, each of these online videoconferencing applications has undoubtedly enjoyed an uneven number of downloads. For we have heard its statistic at the 400% threshold everywhere. This is compared to the monthly frequency in 2019 by online download analysts. As we can see, this growth has occurred since the advent of confinement.

In practice, the closest method of contact to real life is none other than videoconferencing. However, seeing oneself on video online cannot be good enough if it is intended solely for work. But it is also good for friendly discussion, even sharing drinks and meals online, or just smiling. It’s all there. So nothing can stop the growth in the number of current users. Here are some applications you can use for free.

Here is a list you can download

Facebook Messenger: you need a Facebook account to take advantage of it, you will be able to bring 20 people together in the meeting via computer and mobile phone.

Google Duo : you need a gmail and G suite account to take advantage of it, you will be able to bring 11 people together in the meeting via computer and mobile phone

Facetime : it works mainly with Iphones, iPads and Macs. You can gather around 10 people

WhatsApp :
it works with your own phone number, available from computer, smartphone and tablet. Very popular these days, except that it can bring a small number of people together simply.

Zoom : The popular application this March 2020. It is available from a computer and smartphone or tablet. It offers 100 people present in the meeting.

Skype : Usually associated with Microsoft tools, it is available from computer, smartphone and tablet. It has as many settings to limit sharing.

As a precaution, it would be very important to check the security option before using them. This is useful to limit the sharing of your personal information. Just because some applications automatically record or play videos as soon as you open the application.

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