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As the most exciting marketing element of 2020, video is at the heart of social and digital communication. It impresses millions of people every day and even manages to change the way they live their lives. The marketing power of video comes with an impressive and well-established education using visual signs, sensations, emotions, expressive voices. Thus, the adherence with the target reader is certain. Video marketing is therefore the work of enduring research. It should not be forgotten that there are different types of video depending on the context of the communication. Design requires certain technical and creative operations at the same time. Starting with the identification of the target and its psychologies, the planning of the scenario, the structure of the image capture or image design, and finally the editing. This of course involves mastering the handling of the equipment to obtain the desired image effect. In general, this article therefore shows us all the production steps, as well as the method of effectively attracting target reader. This would only be successful with a well-developed set of formulas. Here are the main points in the article:

  • Types of videos
  • The process of production
  • Mastering the manipulation of the capture tools
  • The different basic techniques of image taking
  • The digital editing tools
  • Scene : contact, attraction, guide to action and loyalty | Read the complete source in 40 minutes : The essential guide to marketing videos

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