The most effective ways to make money on Facebook

Let’s say you’re always connected to Facebook. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you were able to generate additional income from it? Of course, your Facebook connection can bring you income at any time. In principle, the more connections you have, the more fans you have, the more chance you have of exploding your turnover. It’s a bit magical, isn’t it? But how do you do it then? First of all, you have to use the right method to get there, of course it’s all up to you and you alone. This article tells you more. So are you in? If so, the principle is not complicated. There’s going to be a little marketing and relationship management. And that goes hand in hand with the support of managing your time and data.

The secrets of how to make a quick buck

At the same time, you can train to become a real Facebook account and cashier manager. Sales channels and products for sale are revealed to you through your Facebook account and page. You learn how to handle your relationships with your fans and friends so that they participate in your approach. And this without asking them for payment, unless it’s a direct sale. This way, you’ll even become a channel that can create an opportunity for sites seeking popularity. Over time, we’re not going to say less than two months, if you work well, you’ll be able to turn your relationships into a real opportunity, including a currency generator. Of course Facebook is a real gold mine that very few people understand.

Let’s start with the easiest and quickest method

Let’s start with the easiest and quickest method. Since the genesis of computer science, there have been websites that offer the possibility to make “clicks”. This work is very easy to do but pays very little depending on the number of clicks made. You will still have to be stuck in front of your screen to make clicks and clicks all day and all month long. You will work as best you can to have around 90€. Indeed, you will act like a relentless robot by repeating the same actions. For those who want the experience, they can, for example, simply type in a site that pays per Facebook click and see a dozen in Google’s row. Apparently, we’re going one step further with methods that allow for long term income via Facebook.

The method for the long term: the creation of the page

First of all, you need to create a page. How do I create it? First you inspire psychological styles from your fan network. The latter would be interested in the specific activity associated with the page. This is the most difficult method, but it remains the main key to success. The rest is just selling popularity. For a page, think for example, an activity that attracts millions of people in the same geographical area, the same activity on the internet, or the same problem and interest. Just like an artist who has style and offers his amazing talent to particular fans. A page is there first to bring a concrete solution, a transparent desire and not the other way around. Therefore, it is necessary to limit beforehand the type of forbidden publications. It is appropriate to understand your targets and their behaviors before creating a page. Once it is created, we must always assume that to attract people to a page. It is a matter of prioritizing charm and empathy through its shared publication. Because, it is these very targets who will click “I like” on the page and become loyal subscribers.

Video broadcasting

In our era, video remains the best social communication tool to play the role of conviction. Fortunately, Facebook has allowed the diffusion of video in the last few years. It’s simply a stroke of luck for those who couldn’t afford to be connected to Youtube, but also for a good investor. So why not take advantage of it if the video is already accessible on all mobile applications for more than a billion users? Imagine the business that the new wave of connection via Facebook would bring with double the number of users since the advent of confinement. This opportunity cannot be ignored. Because it could be a significant business driver. On your part, you subtly participate in the design of the video before broadcasting it. Music, scenes, sets, drawings, real life, news, culture are all elements of the video that delight Facebookers. Therefore, you should be a good designer, you need to have these elements well arranged to effectively impress your fans.

The easiest type of product to make money with

Even if you don’t have pages, the following method still works. Because all you have to do is sell easily downloadable documents. This way, readers themselves have no difficulty in retrieving and using them. You can select for example practical documents such as ebooks, manuals, videos, tutorials, affiliate programs. However, nowadays, without being discreet, buyers do not have enough time to read the documents. Here is the way to manage this situation. You propose the document, in addition you will complete it with online support. Of course, if you are the author, it seems easy for you to do so. On the other hand, if you are not, it is important to contact the author to offer this couple of services. In this case, you and the author agree on the percentage of service you will provide. With this principle, you work in a transparent and collaborative way. Once you agree with the author, you offer the buyer the document purchase followed by the learning assistance. It’s as easy as that. In terms of prospecting, this method will allow you to assert the reduction of learning time and ensure the buyer’s success. It also saves you from having to answer technical questions that are difficult to answer. Because, the author will take care of the assistance in any case.

Popularity for sale

If you have an already popular page, you have the possibility to publish there for others, or even exchange posts with another popular page. For some, they can even offer them for sale. However, you can still be popular without necessarily having a Facebook Page. The more you have, the better. If you don’t have one, you can simply invest in an insertion on another page that is already popular. Or insert your publication into a Facebook group focused on a business activity. The principle: you offer your service to a company looking for popularity. You are therefore the intermediary to carry out its publication and follow its contact with subscribers, or even sell its products. You can also use the Facebook Marketplace tool if you need to.
The activity of a business often requires a very accessible, honest and subtle presentation. Agree with the business that there should be a publication that ensures action from fans or group members. To do this, here are the points you should include in the publication:

  • Mention somewhere a free and a promotion.
  • Gather as many services as possible into one offer.
  • Find a news context that suits the demand to ensure the buyer’s decision. Express this specific circumstance in your message.
  • Take care of your publication message with a beautiful photo and a generous welcome: the minimum is a hello with a thank you.
  • Do not repeat the mistakes of others who have already published the similar product.

Earning money through affiliation

As simple as clicking, all you do is extend a network and earn a commission. Indeed, the affiliation method and the commission are already predefined by the author. You just follow their steps. Usually, you register first on the site, then receive your own link that you will then publish in Facebook. After that, also invite your page fans or new prospects to participate. Several affiliate platforms are currently available, most of which work well with Facebook. If you’re like me, I’d rather opt for a link that pays per click instead of a link waiting for a sale. Because (other people’s) clicks very quickly turn into concrete currencies. Especially since counting clicks is done with an easy tool like Facebook Insights. In principle, an affiliate site uses this to measure the output of its affiliates. How to choose the affiliate product? It would be good to familiarize yourself with a product that is linked to your page as well as to your subscribers or fans. I invite you to study the offer and its reputation carefully so that you do not become a victim of an unstable or scamming project. Once you have bet on a project, the rest is to take care of the publication of an affiliate product in order to multiply your followers. Here are some of the affiliate programs: Tradedoubler, Netaffiliation, Zanox, Amazon, 123FR, Loonea, Moolineo. To try if some of them suit you.

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