The steps to succeed in the SEO of your site

Taking charge

Analysis of the body of the site, SEO potential and digital reputation. Definition of the target, the objective, the list of pages to be optimized. Detection of problems and areas for improvement.

Setting up a strategy

A strategy aimed at your objective using a system of conception and diffusion with significant value, programming of the selection of the target, inboud marketing contact and possible voice or video call, selection of the referring sites and programming of netlinking, study of various partnerships, participation in online events. Adopt also a strategy to exploit the best internal and external marketing tools of your site: registration or subscription of plugins, professional SEO monitoring tools

Improvement of the body of the site

Optimize the general structure, the semantic cocoon, according to SEO requirements, reading speed and page conformity. SEO coding standard and search engine tracking, organization of links, pages and articles. Intensify security and compliance for a better user experience.

Data marketing

Bring to the forefront in your site the elements of attraction: titles, developed and relevant web texts, images, videos (banner animation, vectorial drawing or photorealistic presentation). Classification by article title, ergonomic layout and presentation, mobile adaptation, undeniable respect of the SEO standard in terms of visuals.

Dissemination campaign

Adopt an effective dissemination campaign that adapts to the Google environment, social and professional networks and referring sites. Manage relationships in partnership (Netlinking, online event, marketplace, potential customers). Strategic SEO strategy development, Netlinking, first rank in Google, management and coding of active keywords online, comparison and general SEO evaluation using professional online tools, free and subscription, lead generation policy.


Follow the evolution via an SEO dashboard, in order to determine the most important SEO elements to gain in referencing and in contact with prospects: audience profile, general ranking on the search engine, main and secondary keywords, comparison of data from competitor sites.

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