Who are the sites with WordPress classified themes ?

If you are one of the WordPress enthusiasts, choosing the theme certainly takes you a lot of time. Before launching your site, you may have passed this research step before as you don’t want to regret it in future use. It’s natural, because you want like me to have the ideal one and to stay there if possible for the long term. How to choose and which site to sell ?

The design in WordPress

In principle, choosing a WordPress theme takes into account a few criteria. Firstly, you must have the quality of design that suits the style of the product and service. This quality obviously inspires users to generate an action on its part. In marketinginng, it is a kind of theme that triggers their behavior to make a purchase or an act or to transmit a feeling. We can talk here about the quality of form and the way to present information on elements such as “footer, header, sidebar, front page” etc.. It is necessary to know how to differentiate the themes according to the information to be disseminated. For example, the presentation of information on insurance services will never be the same as that of a catering service.

Precautions on functions in WordPress

Then secondly, there is the operation (programming) to satisfy the user experience. This is where the difficulty of choice regularly presents itself. Why this difficulty? Because some themes are not very harmonious with modern functions of WordPress or plugins, at worst disarticulate the basic function of the site itself. Especially since the theme does not have enough options. It is therefore good to read whether these descriptions are largely basic or they mention rich and additional options. Undoubtedly, choosing a bad one can put the site at risk in an unexpected way. For some, the defect does not appear at the time of purchase and at the first contact with the theme.

Rich themes at high prices

A selection among several themes is the main one. Namely, those that seem the most expensive can cover the conditions mentioned above. Elegant, secure and dynamic themes prevail, those that have crossed the level of simplistic design. These themes can easily accommodate rich functions without missing the design. Each corresponds to a respective theme.  The price is generally very variable, ranging from 30 to 150€. This may well increase depending on the installation options and plugins offered by the site. Here is the list of major sites that offer :

  • Templatemonster
  • Elegantthemes
  • Colorbri
  • Themeforest
  • Plugintheme

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