Writing and SEO referencing of a health post

How to write and reference a health post in SEO? We finally tackle this famous and very delicate subject for all health site owners. To begin with, we don’t need to redefine what the essence of health is, but let’s remember the universal virtue of this world: keeping our good health forever, in other words eternal life. Generally speaking, several activities focus on this theme, which is divided into four main points: pharmaceuticals and their medical treatments, bios, good behaviour in life skills, and the market for medical devices.

Unforgivable inaccuracies

You see what is most exceptional in this field, each frame is revealed in a precise way with an aspect measured to the millimetre. This takes into account for example aspects such as the origin of the service or product, the sanitary treatment, the configuration of a device. Indeed, this requires a rather punctual and obvious reflection for alls topics disseminated on the web. Like the product itself, a health SEO post must be mentioned as being “verified” scientifically and legally. A small guide that reminds you of the quality of information and dissemination recommended for achieve the SEO of a health post.

Beware of health sites with superficial thinking !

Several blogs and sites are involved in disseminating information in the age of coronavirus. But often some only translate those of others in order to fill their own site with web content. For example, the same theme is translated by another site by simply overturning the pyramid system or by manipulating a synonym game, or by practicing “content spinning”. For sites that don’t care about editorial quality, it’s as easy as that. This is not a mistake, as long as the site to be copied is from a legal source and the information reproduced promotes good health, at least “literally”. But if the essence of the subject is touched upon rather than explored in depth, especially in a framework of scientific development, this is not acceptable. Such a superficial post can also waste the reader’s time and possibly even lead them into error. In other words, it could be harmful in some way. Now beware of care tips that are often written superficially.

The rules of health web content or post

Based on a consistent experience of a product, a treatment, a control, the contents must have the minimum quality and solution for the Internet users. For a web editor of a health article, the inspiration comes from authentic information provided by trustworthy professional sites. In other words, a reliable text source must be verified based on real, lived experience. From this attribution of authority of information, this article commits itself to provide a solution that is easy to adopt, particularly as perceived by Internet users. Moreover, to achieve quality web content in health, an article produced must be improved with several retouching to make it easier to read. This is how it finally becomes a cure or a valuable source for those who suffer from a certain disease. As long as considerable steps are laid out and detailed in the structure of the text, it can heal these suffering Internet users.

Choose the reference site in health

A referent site where to insert the post must benefit from the reliability and faithful coherence of the information to its readers. Apart from the quality of the information, it would be good to direct a choici of sites that are easily accessible for : a contact, a long-term posting and a possible access when it is modified in the future. So a site that tends to stay active for years to come. Okay, it’s a set of ideal choices, but the owner of the referring site is expected to propose. In any case, this determination of profile is one of the subjects of negotiation to be properly developed at the time of the request for insertion of a guest article.

Preferably, the health post or text should be disseminated via one of those popular sites with a domain of authority (DA) and high traffic, on the keyword of each medical or medicinal treatment. To benefit this, simply contact an SEO specialist who does all the work.

What are the roles of an SEO referrer of a health item ?

  • Orientation of the theme according to Google’s classification
  • Design of the SEO text for the owner site and the reference site
  • Layout of the text on the owner’s site in such a way as to enhance the image, the message and the site itself
  • Selection of reference sites
  • Contact and follow-up of the invited article.

Of course, for such a treatment, a list of sites and their conditions of insertion will be presented to you and to be validated. We quote these types of referecing sites being focused on different health topics :

  • Pharmaceutical products oriented by the doctor’s board and the factory manufacturing
  • The treatment of psychological and life skills
    Organic treatment
  • Perfumes and essential oils for free consumption
  • Medical care at various physical contacts
  • The sale of industrial, medical and hospital equipment

In short, the success of referencing of a health web post suits to implement, in these types of blogs or sites, articles tailored to the measure.

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