Zoom: the application raises more than 20 million confined users

What is Zoom videoconferencing?

Based in California, Zoom is a video conferencing and messaging solution that works on different devices. As of 2011, it enables successful online meetings for a considerable amount of time. A group of up to 100 users can share and collaborate online. The video image of each participant can therefore be shared in HD video. And even the entire video of the meeting can be saved online for later use. If you are a company, school, university, a Zoom license application solves the problem of common contact over the internet. Because Zoom is already being used by several large companies today. Basically, the application is a gift from Zoom: still free but at the limit … That said, with a larger and more personalized request, the application becomes a paying application.

From 2 to over 20 million users since the advent of containment

Following the spread of coronavirus, teleworking was beginning to dominate in several countries. Zoom received a popular injection of four more times in a very short period of time. And even his in-house team couldn’t have predicted it. Now in one day, millions of users log on. According to data from the specialized statistics center Sensor Tower, downloads reached more than 6 million by the end of March 2020, in Europe alone. America is probably six times higher.

Dangerous unforeseen loopholes now under control

But what will follow in its use seems to be a common problem for millions of users. The problem lies in the fact that more personal information is automatically disclosed and shared. In recent times, videos shared in videoconferencing have shocked many people, even touching a part of their virtue. The problem persists in the last days of March 2020. This requires a severe and urgent resolution. Management confirms that this is not part of their consent. Because it was simply the effect of a simplistic parameterization that did not expect a connection affluence in a minimum of time. Amongst other things, those connected have no difficulty discovering personal data from online storage (cloud). This is how hackers can even share data intrusively with other users or Facebook. But whatever the nature of the error, the Zoom team intervened.

Measures taken by Zoom

After this disastrous event, the Secretary General in New York sent a letter of inquiry without delay. At the same time he asked for action to be taken on control and security as soon as possible. Fortunately, Zoom was reactive and hired white hacker investigators to detect errors that could have disrupted the application. Detecting the computer problem was not by appearance easy for Zoom for such an urgent operation. It was the encryption applied to several objects: direct video and audio broadcasting, locking the meeting, and the layout of the storage servers. These are the ones that each user or a single group must have access to decrypt. For example, in the future when they want to watch the video again, only they will be able to decrypt their own content.

More assurance

The errors in this data leak were detected and corrected immediately. As a result, users are invited to configure their connection securely on their own. They should do so before participating in the meeting. As a user, you must therefore set the following: strong password, putting participants on hold before the meeting, disabling screen sharing. Even if almost solved, because on the one hand, the leader should officially confirm the final conditions on the security computer programming. Certainly, it is confidential in any case, but at the limit of what it would be considerable to share with the public. Regardless, however, it is important for users to read the general conditions for the use of personal information within the Zoom site. This is so that they can learn more about how to use this communication tool for the confined spaces.

Photo by Gustavo Fring et Lalmch

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