To succeed in SEO optimization for a quality web content

SEO optimization is a main component of the “Straconte 1000” content proposed by Creaga. It gathers all the analytical reflections of the sources (abstract, physical, virtual, etc.) and contexts within the framework of a subject development. These sources act directly or indirectly in the communication of an article. It is important to master their relations in the text. Putting them in order to produce a text of SEO quality is essential. We have proven to honor the first page of Google. Now, we show you the key secret points to succeed at this, and to take into account.

The marketing in SEO

  • Google prefers the site with the following characteristics :
  • Mastery of subject and target (primary and secondary)
  • Study on the consideration and hesitation on the part of prospects, including possible blocking by the tariff.
  • Study of the competition on the same type of offer in terms of published message and field service.
  • Keeping abreast of current events in order to determine the real reaction of Internet users to the environmental context of the product&service.
  • Determining the targets’ points of curiosity in order to use them as an invitation to read.
  • Designing content that combines an economic vision with the product&service strategy.
  • Bringing a confident solution to reduce or even eliminate the blocking of targets.
  • Providing complete solutions for the long term.
  • Forecasting the evolution of contexts, products and services, followed by the necessary precaution.

SEO sentence structure:

  • Linking all problems to relevant solutions.
  • Using language that is well adapted to the target.
  • Adopt an informative style.
  • Identify the main ideas in each paragraph and rank them in order of importance.
  • Design the sentence structure following the logical sequence by demonstrating the know-how.
  • Produce a captivating expression both in the title and in each paragraph.
  • Demonstrate the originality of the text with a universal rule.
  • No plagiarism.

The right choice of keywords for SEO optimization

This step consists in respecting the tags recommended by Google, so that the latter classifies a site according to the order of the keywords used. Thus, the site can reach the first page of Google. To do this, the textual content requires a good structure of keywords, for more details, see here. The hierarchy of information is required, each part is suitable for a relevant keyword. It is a choice of short keywords with a good reputation, a second keyword and a group of keywords bringing more precision and interest for the search engine and Internet users. If you recommend SEO optimization of your text, we can also do it for you in case of your unavailability. Please write to us for more information.